Take a Lap with Our App

The lifeblood of Win Place Show is our app that gives lotteries a mobile touchpoint to reach new and existing players by delivering the excitement of live horse racing through the convenience of their mobile phones.

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What Is Win Place Show?

Win Place Show is ushering in a new live sports category in lottery by basing results of its lottery game on the excitement of a live horse race. This proprietary and patented gaming method supports the good causes of state lotteries while providing new revenues and marketing exposure for the horse racing industry.

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Quick Pick Draw Game

Players purchase one, or more, $2 Quick Pick tickets at their local Win Place Show lottery retailer. Each ticket lists three numbers with corresponding horse names, along with the designated race time and other key racetrack information.

Game of Chance

While most games are randomized at the drawing, the Quick Pick nature of each ticket is our only Random Number Generator. This makes Win Place Show an incorruptible lottery game since the results are based on a authentic, unpredictable and uncontrollable event.

Mobile App Enhancement

At the bottom of each ticket, there’s a link that allows you to download our mobile app and watch live horse racing from the convenience of your mobile phone. Players can scan tickets to track their horses and winnings, watch races live or on replay and find out how much they’ve won on winning tickets. They can also create player accounts and find their nearest Win Place Show lottery retailers.

Cash Prizes

  • Exact Match All Three – $250 – $1,800
  • Match All Three Any Order – $10 – $80
  • Match Two Exact – Free Ticket

*Cash prize amounts are estimated for field sizes between 8 and 14 horses. Final prizes are determined after race results are official.

Second Chance Prizes

Second chance prizes can be made available through Win Place Show. All tickets can be entered into a second chance drawing for racing and non-racing related prizes such as VIP racetrack experiences, horse ownership and gift cards at local retailers. Players can also take part in our Every Ticket Is A Winner program by taking any non-winning ticket to a participating racetrack in exchange for a free racetrack offer such as free general admission, a food or beverage item or betting voucher.

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How Profitable Is Win Place Show?

Win Place Show is a profitable opportunity for lotteries, returning 50% of all proceeds to the lottery like draw games such as Powerball and Pick 3. Since this game requires live video feeds, a fully functional and evolving mobile app, racetrack licensing and dedicated staff in order to be successfully implemented, Win Place Show does carry higher fees. However, this game is still much more profitable than instant scratch off tickets that make up 60-80% of lottery revenues and diversifies the lottery portfolio. Win Place Show also draws new players and revenues to the lottery without significantly cannibalizing other lottery games.