EquiLottery featured in lottery publication La Fleur’s Magazine

Sunday November 8, 2015

In our first couple months of media coverage, the vast majority has come from traditional racing press. After today, that is no longer the case as La Fleur’s Magazine, a major player in the lottery industry space, has published the following piece on EquiLottery: The Greatest Two Dollars in Sports.

But wait, isn’t racing just as demographically challenged as lottery? Not according to Cummings. “What is true in the racing industry is that the millennials are drawn to the excitement and the pageantry of it all. If you went to the Belmont Stakes this year, you’d see an incredibly young crowd. But if you go on a Thursday at just a regular racetrack with nothing surrounding it, that’s when you have the problem with the age gap.”

Cummings said that lottery and racing have the same problem in engaging millennials. EquiLottery offers the experiential excitement they crave with the convenience they demand.

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